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A Special Message to Anyone Nervous!

They wanted to make sure you knew.

A Special Message to Anyone Nervous!

Being nervous at first is natural and makes sense. A voice is so personal! No one wants to feel judged and criticized for something that's part of your body and self. It's okay to feel that way and trust that, actually, when you try it, it's going to feel fun and affirming. You deserve to surprise yourself.
-A. J. (they/them)

Your voice journey is yours, no matter where you are or where you want to go.

Quinn is so so nice, welcoming, and knowledgable! If this is something you've been thinking about for awhile like me, you'll be thankful you took this step

If you’re nervous at first, I just want you to know that Quinn is such an approachable and kind human who will try their best to support you in your vocal journey :)
-N. C. (they/them)

I had never done voice work before and was unsure what to expect from voice lessons. Quinn explained everything using accessible language and concepts, meeting me where I was.

Taking these steps for your life can be hard. But there are people out there more than willing to help achieve your goals at your pace.
- Jay (he/him)

It's okay to be nervous, scared, anxious, or embarrassed with Quinn. I discovered my trauma held a barrier; I was taught to not make erroneous noises as a kid and therefore couldn't make noises in the first couple of sessions. Quinn was incredibly patient with me, we kept trying each time, and I would work on that barrier on my own time. By the end of it, I was doing lip-trills on camera like nobody's business.
-Tessa W. (they/them)

Quinn's lessons are straightforward and they have a friendly, disarming personality.
-A.B. (she/her)

It's much more manageable than you would think
-R.S. (they/them)

Think of Lesson 1 as more like Session 0 in a D&D campaign. It's a building-your-lesson-plan kind of session with Quinn, and they want to know why you're there and will answer questions on what you can work on together.
-J.W. (he/they)

Being honest about what I wanted from my voice, and saying it out loud. Quinn creates such a welcoming and affirming space to explore what's possible with your voice and expression, with and without hormones.
-M. H. (they/them)

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