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You Deserve a Supportive Coach!

Folxs share their favorite parts about working with Quinn.

You Deserve a Supportive Coach!

Quinn is just a delight. I can't think of a better word to encapsulate them. They're so nerdy and so experienced and also a great teacher - their mastery of vocal technique never made me feel like the skills were unattainable for me.
-J.W. (he/they)

Quinn is an incredibly respectful, understanding, and thoughtful person. I feel safe to show curiosity, confusion, and excitement and to ask questions.
-Nonbinary/Trans masculine (they/them)

They are endlessly kind, patient, and understanding. They made me feel very comfortable and safe.
-Mari (they/them)

Their creativity- Each lesson was genuinely fun and engaging, and the main reason was the variety of exercises and their ability to know which exercises might help the most.

Quinn has a warm, affirming attitude and is wonderful to work with.
-A.B. (she/her)

Their patience and understanding. I felt incredibly timid at first, so much so that I would use a piece of paper to hide the part of my screen that showed I was making noises because I felt so embarrassed. I almost didn't stick with it because I didn't think I could muster up the courage to feel vulnerable with a stranger but I'm so glad I did, the results are worth it!
-Tessa W. (they/them)

Quinn is such a cool human!! They’re really flexible and try their best to make the lessons as interactive as possible
-N. C. (they/them)

Quinn is fun and very knowledgeable. The combo is a real win.
-A.J. (they/them)

How fun and honestly comforting/comfortable it is to talk to them.
-Jay (he/him)

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