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Work with an experienced coach!

What is the main reason you would recommend voice lessons with Quinn?

Work with an experienced coach!

My favorite thing about working with Quinn is they turn vocal training, something that should be a frustrating and difficult experience into something I actually look forward to as a highlight. Every milestone is a celebration, every session is a fun time, and the progress continues to accelerate. I couldn't recommend them any harder if I tried, they are a twenty out of ten!
-Ice (she/her)

I think joyful queer spaces are incredibly important in transition -- and Quinn builds that space beautifully.
-M. H. (they/them)

It's fun and affirming!
-A. J. (they/them)

As someone who has undergone HRT themselves, they have firsthand knowledge of what that experience is like, and so they really understood what I was going through. They were able to reassure me that what I was experiencing with my voice changes was typical, which helped me be less anxious about it. They also are very responsive to different learning styles and were able to switch things up to prioritize a style that worked best for me.
-Mari (they/them)

Quinn is a wealth of knowledge and can help folx in any stage of their journey.
-A.B. (she/her)

Unless we had a few specific experiences growing up, vocal health isn't something talked about or taught to us. Starting at least with an individual to make sure that's being prioritized is important. With Quinn specifically, having someone with a similar lived experience who understands is the main reason I am thrilled to continue working with them.
-Nonbinary/Trans masculine (they/them)

It's really nice to get honest feedback about your voice presentation and actionable steps you can take towards goals

I LOVED how they tailored lessons to fit my learning style
-N. C. (they/them)

Quinn is very good at teaching why the voice sounds like it does and how you can change it.
-R.S. (they/them)

While Quinn is a wonderful person and an excellent teacher, the results speak for themselves. I am loving the way my voice sounds, and I have a whole new array of skills and techniques to help retain that.

They are easy to talk to and constantly made me feel so excited with the little steps we were taking.
- Jay (he/him)

I would recommend voice lessons with Quinn because of Quinn. My learning is usually affected by my relationship to the practitioner, and they are very genuine and very skilled, both of which I was looking for when wanting to start this process.
-J.W. (he/they)

I worked with Quinn for a few months on sounding more androgynous, and making sure I could support my voice at lower pitches. They helped me CRUSH these goals. In the process, I became aware of unconscious speech patterns. Vocal coaching gave me the space to explore which of these I want to keep, and which to replace with more authentic ways of speaking. I highly recommend Quinn to anyone who's interested in exploring this aspect of their gender expression.
- Sarah E. (they/them)

When I found Quinn through a story on Instagram, I knew I needed to work with them. Not only were they also a nonbinary person who would understand my experience in transition, but had achieved a voice very similar to what I've always had in my head for myself.
In working with Quinn, I've really appreciated their honest and gentle feedback about where I'm at in my vocal practice and what to expect as I continue with testosterone-based hormone therapy.
I've gained confidence in my ability to adjust my vocal presentation to my needs in a sustainable way, and I'm infinitely thankful to Quinn for helping me build my voice practice for whenever I need it.
- Simon

I worked with Quinn in MTF vocal training. They are amazing at what they do and bring to the table. They know when to push and when to back off to give everybody exactly what they need in order to succeed in this process.
Not once did I ever feel like Quinn didn't help me get what I needed during and after a session. With Quinn's help, I have gone from being misgendered 98% of the time (phone job) to not being misgendered at all not only at work but in everyday public life as well. They are truly exceptional at what they do and I couldn't have had a better coach.
- Madisyn (She/Her)

Since day one of working with them, they've been a form of inspiration for me in my vocal transition journey, helping me to break out of my comfort zone in ways that I wouldn't have been able to on my own and uniquely, in ways that other vocal coaches hadn't been able to help me to prior to working with them.
They keep things fresh and lively, and very well suited to the needs of their clients in a way that keeps you feeling like you're progressing at your own pace!
-Olivia A. (She/Her)

Aside from how great they are at this, it really helps that they're a member of the gender diverse community too. I think that helps them be so patient with me because they can relate to a lot of my experiences.
Taking gender affirming voice lessons is probably the bravest thing I've ever done. As a kid, I was always taught to figure out how to use my skills and knowledge to make money, that work was the most important thing, that my value is calculated based on my capitalistic contribution to society. Even when I took martial arts classes, I could say that skill would help me practically because of its use in self defense. When I take an online course, it's always been for some professional certification. However, this is the first thing I took for myself—a skill to learn that I can't use to make money—and it's incredibly freeing. There was a lot of anxiety around it for the same reason, feeling like I'm wasting time and money on something so... unproductive... but that anxiety was short-lived, especially after having gotten the results I did. Thank you, Quinn!! <3.
-Tessa W. (they/them)

I loved taking lessons with Quinn it was fun lighthearted and made me feel more confident in myself. The exercises were fun and easy to follow and often made me laugh. Its a fun little joy along with achieving your goals you're reaching for.
- Jay (he/him)

I confided in Quinn about being nervous that if I continue to take T, my voice might get to a place where it was too deep to achieve androgyny. Quinn reminded me that they work with people with endogenous T all the time and it's not a problem! Really helped to hear!

Quinn also understands and helped me explore how I was communicating gender beyond my voice, which hormones never would have touched. Now, I get to explore that confidently on my own and make conscious choices about what I want to keep and what I want to let go. Thank you!
-M. H. (they/them)

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