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Worries and concerns are normal!

Lessons can be both affordable and absolutely worth it.

Worries and concerns are normal!

I was worried about scams, to be honest, there are so many and it is a commitment of time and money and likely without insurance coverage. Social presence helped put some of those fears aside. Even in the consultation Quinn showed they are very knowledgeable, are a great instructor, and has shown awareness and empathy. Definitely not a scam, and worth a consultation at least!
-Nonbinary/Transmasculine (they/them)

My biggest fear about lessons was that I wouldn’t be able to pay for it. I’ve gotten my hopes up about voice lessons before only to be crushed when I realized how expensive it was. That wasn’t the case with Quinn because they are the absolute best and we talked about a price range that worked for me. As a first gen student, that meant the world to me.
-N. C. (they/them)

I wasn't sure if it would be worth the money and effort? I think it was a good use of both
-R.S. (they/them)

I have never liked my voice and I can’t stand to listen to recordings of it, so I was nervous about having to use my voice so much and unsure of what to expect from vocal exercises. Quinn was so welcoming from our first virtual meeting and answered all of my questions without a hint of judgment. I quickly overcame the fear of looking silly and found the lessons so fun and affirming.

Partly admitting to myself that I was unsatisfied with my voice, and partly the prospect of embarrassing myself in front of somebody. It really helped that Quinn brings a silly energy and participates in the exercises, too.
-A. J. (they/them)

Really just money. It helped getting a consultation and knowing that even if I could only afford to book just one session there was no hard feelings or pressure to come back

[Fear] That what I wanted was only achievable with hormones. A lot of what I wanted was in fact achievable with voice lessons, and in fact if I do choose to pursue hormones [knowing how to use my voice] will make that transition even better.
-M. H. (they/them)

Voice dysphoria was new to me, and I had to release the concept of my voice as this be-all and end-all of my gender. It's one aspect of me and I wanted to learn more about it. That's it. The fear or embarrassment of asking for help or even not knowing exactly what I wanted might have stopped me from submitting for lessons. I also found it helpful that they had a waitlist at the time. I could fill out the info, submit it, and then wait for when they circled back. By the time they came back around, I was ready.
-J.W. (he/they)

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