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Private Voice Lessons

Lessons are available:


10 am- 7 pm Central

Lesson Length: 50 minutes

Intro Lesson: $45

Following Lessons: $100

How frequently should I take lessons?

There is no "one size fits all" or "requirement" when it comes to voice lessons. But I can share some helpful averages! 


At the start, I recommend meeting for voice lessons on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Having a regular recurring schedule like this can be incredibly helpful when building a new practice.  Once established, a decreased frequency can be discussed.

When considering weekly vs. bi-weekly, it is truly what works best for you.


#1:  I recommend first considering your schedule and available budget.


#2: Ask yourself- what helps you most in creating a new practice or habit in your life?


Some folks thrive off of weekly check ins and new material to keep their brain excited about their journey. Others really appreciate having more time between sessions so they can digest material and hold space for their practice to grow.  No right or wrong, just listen to what's best for you. 

How long can I expect to take lessons for?

This is a fantastic question that not only helps you budget for this investment in yourself, but also set a healthy expectation on how a journey like this can progress. 


I typically work with clients for around 6-8 sessions. Some more, some less. This varies depending on a multitude of factors, but typically in this time we are able to establish a solid foundation on the material and create a personal practice for you to continue. 

Once that is complete, many people choose to keep taking lessons so we can focus on more diverse practical application, consistency and increased cognitive load situations.

Note: Completing 6-8 lessons means you will have learned some great foundational skills in voice. It does not mean you'll "know everything there is to know" or that you'll "never have to think about voice again".  The voice practice you build here is no different than any other skill- like learning a musical instrument, playing a sport or exploring a particular style of dance.  If you continue to practice the skills established, they will continue to provide you with increased satisfaction and results far after our lessons are over. 

There is no minimum or maximum requirement for a number of lessons that "need to be taken". I say this to provide perspective and acknowledge the financial investment that this can bring. 

Can lessons be covered by insurance?

I have had clients successfully receive reimbursement from their insurance provider for their sessions with me.  Depending on your insurance you may be eligible for reimbursement for the cost of lessons through your insurance provider.  

Please note, the services rendered by Quintessential Voice Lessons are specifically voice lessons.  

I do not provide voice therapy, I am not a licensed medical provider or a Speech Language Pathologist. 

I do not work with insurance companies or reach out to them on your behalf.  This would require you contacting them, determining your own eligibility and completing the necessary paperwork. I am happy to provide required information for the forms you receive. 

To learn more, please refer to WPATH's "Standard of Care" 8th edition, Chapter 14 "Voice and Communication".

What if I have to stop taking lessons?

Lessons do not need to be taken all in one go! Life has a way of throwing stuff at you when you least expect it.  So if at any point you need to put lessons on hold, I just ask that you communicate this with me so we can make sure you have all the learning resources you need. 


Down the line if you want to workshop a dynamic of voice or want help troubleshooting some sneaky tension, send me an email to schedule a lesson.  If we have established a working relationship, the door is always open and I encourage you to reach back out to me via email if you have questions or concerns. 

I have financial concerns around committing to lessons.

If the cost of lessons is prohibitive, lease check out my: Equitable Pricing Model 

An equitable pricing model allows for a service or product to be obtained at multiple price points based on the circumstances of the purchaser. This method allows folks who would most likely be priced out of something to have the opportunity to take part in it. It also seeks to address the systemic inequalities of class in our culture. I am implementing this equitable pricing model to foster a more equitable system.

I have a limited number of sliding scale slots. Reach out to inquire for availability.

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