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What is Gender Affirming Voice Work?

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Gender-affirming voice lessons provide an individual with exercises that are designed to help develop and support a voice that is in line with their gender expression and identity.

This can be done with the goal of "feminizing" or "masculinizing" your voice.  A third option is to create a blend of both "masculine" and "feminine" vocal qualities, creating an "androgynous" vocal profile.  I put the words "masculine" and "feminine" in quotes because there's not one way to sound masculine or feminine. Most of this pertains to the perceptions of gender and gender rolls. 

Gender-affirming voice lessons consist of exercises and activities that help you explore your voice and shape your vocal tract with control, avoiding tension or strain.  The goal is to make your voice practice sustainable, mindful and empowering.

Lessons are not limited to the TGNC community.  Feeling affirmed in your gender is a universal right and lessons are open to anyone looking to build a relationship with their voice.. I have experience working with both cis and TGNC clients.  

*Want to learn more or see if lessons are right for you? Complete the outreach form and I will reach out to you via email to answer any questions or schedule a introductory lesson.

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