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Leave with so much gained!

Here are folx top take aways from voice lessons.

Leave with so much gained!

Becoming more confident in my everyday voice, gaining more control over my pitch/resonance, and being able to point to Quinn as a resource for others!

1. My voice actually sounds like what I want it to sound like.
2. I feel more confident when speaking/singing.
3. I have gained tools I can use and experiment with even when not taking lessons.

Because of Quinn's voice lessons, I'm more confident when I talk to people. I think it's because I enjoy the sound of my voice inside my head more than I used to, so talking is less of a chore. I'm overall more relaxed as a result of these voice lessons because Quinn helped me relax muscles I didn't even know existed! I'm way happier in general. Quinn's lessons helped me broaden my vocal range to be more flexible so I have more control over my gender expression!
-Tessa W. (they/them)

1. Increased control and comfort with my new range after testosterone,
2. Feeling connected to my body,
3. Letting go/releasing tension is the key, rather than pushing or stressing your vocal folds.
-J.W. (he/they)

I am capable of having my voice sound the way I'd like it to sound.
-A.B. (she/her)

Understanding what's possible with my voice with and without hormones. Being able to speak in a lower octave. Having the tools to practice on my own and experiment confidently with the kind of voice I want as I explore my transition.
-M. H. (they/them)

I’m more aware of my vocal anatomy, and therefore I feel more able to control my voice.
-Mari (they/them)

More confidence in my speaking voice, more awareness of breath support, less vocal dysphoria

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