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Sometimes it's what you expect least!

What surprised folx the most about voice lessons?

Sometimes it's what you expect least!

How comfortable I felt during the lessons. I’ve had other voice teachers in the past who were not great to work with, but I felt very at ease working with Quinn.

It was fun! I've never done vocal coaching or singing of any kind, so tackling voice lessons for gender dysphoria was a little scary when I first signed up. But classes turned out to be a good time and not a triggering experience at all.
-A. J. (they/them)

How much was possible without testosterone, and how gender affirming it was.
-M. H. (they/them)

I was honestly so surprised with how low my voice was able to get. As well as to how easy it was to get my upper register back after damaging it.
- Jay (he/him)

How much fun it was! I didn't have any experience with voice training before this, and have a lot of fun with the exercises and learning about my voice.
-Nonbinary/Trans masculine (they/them)

I had no idea how much this would heal my own trauma and benefit my overall health and wellness. I feel like Quinn taught me how to relax muscles in my face, neck, and throat that were so tight from decades of anxiety and stress and for the first time in my life. I originally came to Quinn for gender affirming care and came away with so much more.
-Tessa W. (they/them)

I was so excited about much of what we were working on were things I could do or practice outside of the lessons - it was very accessible for someone who was a vocal newbie in general. I was the most surprised by the straw and cup exercise (if you know you know) - I KNOW I should have known this, but the fact that making sound made bubbles the same way blowing air without sound makes bubbles blew my mind.
-J.W. (he/they)

That I was closer to my goals than I thought!

Something that made me so incredibly happy was getting to watch back the recordings and getting to see how I made progress. That was one of my favorite parts!!
-N. C. (they/them)

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