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*Due to a recent uptick in interest, I am unable to schedule new

consultations or lessons at this timeand have temporarily shut off online scheduling options.*

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Embrace Your Voice

Meet Quinn

Hi there!

My name is Quinn. I'm a nonbinary vocal coach with a testosterone influenced vocal tract.


I created Quintessential Voice Lessons in order to make gender-affirming voice lessons accessible to those interested in exploring their voice and building affirming voice practices. 

Gender-affirming voice lessons provide an individual with exercises that are designed to help develop and support a voice that is in line with their gender expression and identity.

This can be done with the objective of "feminizing" or "masculinizing" your voice. Another option is to create a blend of both "masculine" and "feminine" voice qualities, creating an "androgynous" vocal profile. 

Learn more, schedule a free 15 min consultation.  These consultations are a great place to ask questions and learn more.

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